Research & Development

LEONI attaches great importance to research and development. Because, it doesn´t only creates the basis for innovations, but also ensures the development of new materials, manufacturing processes and products.

In the Technology & Innovation division, LEONI is working on longer-term research projects that go beyond its traditional core competencies in research and development. This opens up new opportunities to further improve the range of services and competitiveness.

Customised connectors

A connection system has to meet different requirements. This depends on the material, nominal cross section or the used components. LEONI supports you as early as the concept phase, develops the critical boundary conditions with you and develops prototypes.

Optimised production processes

The continuous development of existing production processes is indispensable in the production of cables.

Due to the high data rates and transmission speeds, for example, LEONI's production processes are constantly being adapted. The LEONIZELL® cell technology for refining the wire dielectric optimises the transmission properties of a cable while achieving very small diameters.

Material development

LEONI develops and uses sheathing and insulating materials that meet the requirements of high safety and long service life for indoor and outdoor applications, flexible or fixed installation, on land, at sea or under extreme operating conditions.

In addition to thermoplastics, elastomers and thermoplastic elastomers, these also include particularly resistant fluoropolymers and silicone rubber.