SeaLine® BWTS cables

SeaLine® cables for Ballast Water Treatment Systems

The products for Ballast Water Treatment systems are designed for this special application and are developed together with engineers of the BWTS manufaturers and installers.

Your complete cable requirements for a ballast water system can be supplied by us.

The BTWS product range comprises:

  • Industrial Ethernet cables
  • Modbus cables
  • High temperature cables
  • Power cables
  • Control cables

The certification by DNV is in progress.

The whole BWTS product range is also available in our webshop and can be delivered within one week. All types can be purchased in exactly cut lengths without additional costs.

Visit our webshop in order to get the cables for your application.



Cross Sections:

  • L45467-J17-B18

  • L45467-J216-B36

  • L45550-D31-K16

  • L45551-D21-K16

  • L45551-D22-K6

  • L45551-F41-K16

  • L45551-H31-K6


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SeaLine® BWTS cables

SeaLine® BWTS cables

for Ballast Water Treatment Systems.

Now also available in our webshop!