SeaLine® High temperature cables

Marine cables up to 1,250°C

For the marine market, LEONI develops and produces high temperature cables which are designed for safe operation at temperatures up to 1,250 °C. For every special shipbuilding applications, LEONI will select the materials that match the property profile in the best possible way required by the specified temperature range. These materials include silicone, fluoropolymers, glass fiber and ceramic-based insulation materials.


Silicone cables:

  • Extraordinarily electrical and fire resistant properties
  • Extremely flexible for  low and high temperatures

Fluorpolymere cables:

  • Resistance to temperatures of up to +260 °C
  • Oil and chemical  resistant (acids and alkaline solutions)
  • Flame retardant and low-smoke

Insulation materials made of glass fiber, mica and ceramic-based:

  • Temperature range up  to +1,250 °C
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Non ageing


  • Power & control cable (Bestell-Nr. 19203)
  • Cryogenics single cable (Order No. 28364)
  • High temperature single cable (Order No. 18955)
  • Connection cable (Order No. 18973)


Order No.19203283641895518973
Type designationThBC(s)B (Th 0,75...10mm²) TAE00002HRFpBB 0,5 ... 50mm²
GL 11196-14 HH
Fp 1...3x0,50...50mm²
Fp(C(s)Fp) (Fp 0,5... 10mm²)
ApplicationPower and control cableCable for cryogenics applications
(Liquefied natural gas)
Connection cable
Connection cable
Core2 up to 24 cores
XL- PE/EPDM-compound
1 layer LEONI ex-tape, Polyimide tape,
Singlecore or twisted pair,
ETFE (7Y), FEP (6Y), PTFE (5Y)
2 up to 24 cores,
ETFE (7Y), FEP (6Y), PTFE (5Y)
ConductorFiller optionaln.a.n.a.Filler optional
JacketXL-EPDM-compoundPTFE (5Y)n.a.
ETFE (7Y), FEP (6Y), PTFE (5Y)
CharacteristicsHalogen free
Flame retardent
Chemical resistant
Seawater resistant
Oil resistant
Chemical resistant
Seawater resistant
Oil resistance
Chemical resistant
Seawater resistant
Oil resistant Temperature resistant up to +260°C
Chemical resistant Seawater resistant
Oil resistant
Temperature resistant up to +260°C


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