Coating cable system

LEONI has developed a floatable cable that now enables cable-supported audio connection during dives.
Here it has been possible to combine the characteristics of a diving safety line with those of a high-quality communication cable.
On request, this diving telephone line can be equipped with the appropriate connection for your system and can be delivered on a cable drum.
The communication between diver and signal unit ashore is also ensured by a slip ring on the drummed version, so it is possible to roll up and down during the dive.

 The properties of the immersion cable system at a glance:

  • Floatable
  • Rope braid for better grip
  • Available in signal colours
  • Designed for high tensile loads
  • Suitable for use on diving telephone systems
  • Standard lengths 50 m and 80 m
  • Customer-specific adaption possible


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